California Poppy Guerrilla Droppings

California poppies produce a flush of irrepressibly orange 2″ flowers throughout the summer. Pollinators of all types enjoy these cheerful US natives. These Guerrilla Droppings are made with great care using our methods that are specifically designed with the germination requirements of this US native wildflower.

California Poppy is a re-seeding annual in the north, and a short-lived and re-seeding perennial in the south. After establishing a good root system in a moist season, it is somewhat drought tolerant.


  • Zone 3-9
  • US West Coast States
  • Dry-moist soils
  • Full Sun
  • Upland
  • Duration: Perennial/Re-Seeding Annual
  • Sow: Spring, after frost to mid summer


  • 0.5 kg  covers 100+ square feet and is equivalent in coverage to 100 seed balls
  • 1kg  covers 200+ square feet and is equivalent in coverage to 200 seed balls

A note about Guerrilla Droppings:
Guerrilla Droppings, protect the seeds from erosion, foraging, and many other factors. This protective property often results in a slower germination cycle. Wildflowers are also highly variable in their germination rates. Please be patient with your droppings. If you placed them in a suitable location, soil, and climate, when the seeds are ready, they will grow!

We guarantee your satisfaction and will provide a full refund or replace your Guerrilla Droppings if your are not satisfied. Just contact us with your questions and we will work out a solution! We want your Guerrilla Droppings to grow!


California Poppy cotyledons grow from Guerrilla Droppings.

Young California Poppies grow from Guerrilla Droppings.

Young California Poppies grow from Guerrilla Droppings.

Native range of California Poppy

Native range of California Poppy

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